Saints Row: The Third - Skies Over Steelport 8 Minute Gameplay Trailer

No matter how much I say that this video trailer is one of the most action-packed gameplay trailers ever released for any game, period, it still won’t prepare for the Skies Over Steelport mission. This eight minute gameplay trailer takes the concept of an adrenaline rush to whole new heights…literally.

Here’s a quick setup: The trio of You (the main character), Shuandi and Johnny Gat have been captured after a bank heist gone wrong. You’re 30,000 plus feet in the air and you’re surrounded. After a tussle and a brief brawl, You and Shaundi are out of the plane and into one of the most bizarre, over-the-top airplane diving sequences, ever!

Now, Saints Row The Third certainly isn’t GTA IV…the realism is tossed out the window and the tension and dynamics of the Euphoria engine aren’t even remotely present, but balls-to-the-walls fighting and non-stop, sky-high action seems to be the aim of the newest Saints Row. It doesn’t look like difficulty is going to be on the table much, but most gamers play Saints Row for the juvenile open-world stupidity and it seems like Volition has brought that, and more, in droves.

You can pre-order Saints Row The Third for additional content or simply learn more about the game before launches this November for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, by visiting the Official Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.