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Gamescom and PAX have provided a lot of new game announcements, including several new titles headed to the PlayStation 4 and/or PlayStation Vita, including Samurai Gunn, Road Not Taken, VVVVVV and more.

We announced recently that Cosmic Star Heroine was officially revealed at PAX, but that was only the tip of the iceberg for new titles headed to Sony's home and portable consoles.

First up is Samurai Gun, the pixelicious new action game headed to PS4 and the PS Vita. Unfortunately, there's little else we can tell you about this particular title, as the “reveal” blog is almost entirely jokes. I'm all for devs having fun (and especially promoting their fellow indies like at the bottom of the linked post), but it sure would be nice to know literally anything about a brand new game I'm supposed to be getting excited for. With Tokyo Game Show just around the corner, maybe we'll get some actual details soon, yeah?

Moving right along to something we do know a bit more about, Sony also recently pulled back the curtain on upcoming “roguelike puzzle game,” Road Not Taken. Coming from the folks at Spry Fox, this artistic and oddly haunting puzzle game tasks the player with making their way through the woods while out-thinking some pretty tough puzzles.

Road Not Taken is a game about life's surprises, both positive and negative,” said Spry Fox CEO David Edery. “In our take on Robert Frost's poem of the same name, you wander through a mysterious forest in the aftermath of a large snowstorm. As you explore, you'll come across wild animals, impassable barriers and lost children.”

Edery promises that, this game being a roguelike, the player can expect to die many, many times as they discover how the various objects and creatures interact with one another.

“We're not going to spell out how to play it,” he said. “What does each creature do? Figure it out!”

To drive all of that home, here's a look at the reveal trailer. It all looks quite lovely but, as Edery promised, I can't tell exactly how the game is actually played.

Finally, spastic indie platformer VVVVVV is also making the jump to Sony with a Vita version of the game inbound. Nicalis, Inc.'s Tyrone Rodriguez made the news official over on the PlayStation Blog, highlighting the game's simplistic art style and controls. Another roguelike where you'll die constantly, the player can run side to side and flip gravity, but that's pretty much it. Trapped in an alternate dimension that's imploding, your job is to survive and quite possibly find a way to stop said univers from crumbling in on itself.

Well, that should about do it for now. Time to sit back, relax and wait for the next convention's worth of game announcements to get us excited for the coming year.

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