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You still play Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game? Well, if you do then there's some potentially good news as a new set of achievements have been discovered and suggests that the “Wallace Pack” DLC many fans expected to be released during the mid part of may finally arrive after many delays and hiccups in the release schedule.

According to XBLA Fans, they spotted a tweet from @lifelower who posted the following achievements for Scott Pilgrim.

The achievements, as noted by XBLA Fans, point toward some additional co-op action and the addition of Scott's gay friend, Wallace Wells. The “Wallace Pack” was originally scheduled to launch in August of 2012 but was subsequently delayed up until the dreaded “early 2013” window. Given the leak of the Achievement list it stands to reason that the pack is a lot closer to release, despite the fact that the game is several years old.

Still, a company supporting a title this long after release is a true testament to their dedication to their fans and player base and some major props will have to be given to both Ubisoft the publisher and Ubisoft the developer for sticking with it.

Now if only someone could convince Ubisoft to add Jason Stathom, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris to the Expendables 2: Game as paid-for DLC, my life will be complete.