Remember games like Smash TV, Ikari Warriors or Total Carnage? Well, a new game from Social Loner Studios called Seal Team 12 is about two muscle-head action heroes who act like they blasted their way out of 1987 and decided to open up a can of real bad-assery on the evil doers of the digital world, and you can get in on the action with an upvote or two using Steam's Greenlight.

This is one of those arcade-style, isometric action titles that doesn't hold anything back; it's not trying to get across any ridiculous political messages or speak about political commentary regarding war or any of that bull crap. You want to play some tough dudes who can blow up a tank while dual-wielding machine guns? Well, you'll like Seal Team 12. Now get a load of the macho trailer below.

This game looks like the next step from what was accomplished with SNK's Shock Troopers. The gameplay is very similar and that's definitely a good thing. Man, I loved the Shock Troopers games.

Putting nostalgia aside...I think that Seal Team 12 has a good setup and the action and pacing are pretty spot on. There's a common complaint amongst the Greenlight community that the game needs online multiplayer and I can't really gripe about that complaint. The good news is that Social Loner Studios has said that if the game gets greenlit, they will add in an online multiplayer component, in addition to the local co-op that's already present.

You can learn more about the game, watch a few more trailers or give the game an upvote and a favorite by visiting the official Seal Team 12 Greenlight page.

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