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See The Replacement For The Controversial Overwatch 'Butt Pose'

Blizzard released a new update for Overwatch and in the update – featuring balances to characters, nerfs to over-powered moves, more options for spectators, and better e-sports support – there was only one thing that stood out to everyone: Tracer's new pose.

Gamespot pointed out that the new “Over The Shoulder Pose” specifically made for Tracer has been implemented into Blizzard's first-person shooter Overwatch. You can see it below.


The feedback on the pose has mostly all been positive, but it also got a lot of people questioning why Blizzard changed the pose in the first place?

For the most part the argument was that the original pose didn't show off enough of Tracer's personality, and that simply standing there looking over her shoulder was too generic. There were some complaints about sexualization, but others pointed out that this new pose is actually a lot more sexually charged than the old standard pose where Tracer had her back to the camera.

In fact, there's been comparisons between this new pose and vintage pin-up poses. Twitter user Foxceras is one of the many individuals out there who pointed out the similarities between the vintage pin-up pose and Tracer's new victory pose.

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Blizzard originally removed the first pose after a user complained in the forums that it sexualized Tracer too much and that it wasn't playful enough for her character. The user also complained that turning Tracer into a sex symbol wasn't good for his eight-year-old daughter to look up to. Blizzard apologized for the original pose and proceeded to make the new one that you see up above.

Part of the Overwatch community grumblings over the change spawned from the idea that it seemed odd that Blizzard would single out Tracer to give her a specific new pose even though others also shared the same “Over The Shoulder” pose, and there were no complaints about sexualization regarding the other characters. For instance, Hanzo and a few other male (and female) characters also had the same pose as Tracer that Blizzard replaced, but there were no complaints about them.

Some gamers don't like the idea that it looked like Blizzard caved to pressure, while others see it as Blizzard taking advantage of the current cultural climate to capitalize on drumming up interest in Overwatch.

No matter which side you fall on, it's pretty obvious that a large portion of the gaming community have responded to what many consider to be a trivial non-issue. And no matter what, at the end of the day Blizzard managed to get Overwatch trending and talked about in circles that were otherwise ignoring the game.

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