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Sega has a new game to announce. Instead of just announcing it, they've decided to go the teaser site route. They're slowly counting down to a reveal next week for the game, currently dubbed "Project Omega."

The teaser site shows a young lady in a skin-tight jumpsuit. She's unzipped the front so we can get a glimpse of her creepy, creepy tattoo. The tattoo has a strange symbol with an orange eye in the middle.

Below the image is a string of dates. We can expect a new image of this lovely, headless lady every day until September 20th. On that day, they should announce this mystery game. Coincidentally, September 20th is the first day of Tokyo Game Show.

Japanese gaming mag Famitsu says that the game is being developed by the same internal Sega team who made the Jet Set Radio HD remake. That doesn't really give us any idea of what to expect but hey, we're starved for hints here. I'd love to think that it's an indication that this game is a full-fledged Jet Set sequel but that's probably wishful thinking.

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