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Sengoku Basara 3 could very much be summed up as a really diversified Dynasty Warriors clone. It’s not much of an insult or a too far from being considered a compliment, either. Nevertheless, for gamers who enjoy thousand-army battlefield games then Sengoku Basara will definitely appeal to you.

We have a series of new video trailers available for viewing here at Blend Games and that means that it’s time for another gameplay media blowout, courtesy of GameTrailers.

The videos showcase different characters and spotlight their moves, special abilities as well as a few boss encounters. For this game to be on the Wii it actually looks pretty good, and any gamer knows that it’s a testament to the developer’s capabilities to even have a game that runs on both the Wii and the PS3 and not have the Wii version dumb-downed to a little retarded quarter experience of the original (i.e., Ghostbusters).

You can check out the new videos below or visit the Official Capcom Website for more info.

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