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If you don’t know what Shadow Complex is you really are missing out on one of the best looking, best playing Xbox Live titles ever. In fact, it’s kind of shocking that a game this good was relegated to the sub-par XBLA category. Nevertheless, if the game tickles your fancy then you might be inclined to check out the new launch trailer. If you still have doubts then feel free to read Blend Games’ Review of Shadow Complex.

While PS3 gamers may argue that they have Uncharted 2: Among Thieves as their primetime exclusive, Xbox 360 owners can argue that they have the cheaper but equally compelling Shadow Complex by Epic Games and Chair.

The game mixes in up-close and personal hand-to-hand combat and takedown tactics with wall-to-wall shootouts, jetpacks and platform scaling, all while maintaining its 2D aesthetic. It’s quite impressive, really.

You can check out the launch trailer below, provided by GameTrailers and you can look for Shadow Complex to become available on August 19th. For more gaming news, info, media and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.