Shadowrun Now Bringing Cross-Platform Gaming To Xbox 360/PC

Looks like Shadowrun has finally made the jump to retailers and Xbox 360 gamers can get pwned horribly by PC gamers using a mouse and, I’m just kidding...only a little bit. Anyway, the first cross-platform FPS for the Xbox 360 and PC has arrived and the age-old question can finally be answered: Will the console gamers stand a chance against PC gamers?

I would hate to be a part of any multiplayer game involving two warring sides over the compatibility of shooter games and controls. Personally, I like the analogs better – if finely tuned and the sensitivity is well adjusted – it’s actually easier to aim with an analog. But people will contest to their heart’s content...let the scoreboards do the judging, though.

Shadowrun, a magic-and-guns action game (sharing no relation to the gritty, cyber-punk thriller on the SNES) puts players in Santos, Brazil, where various races are battling for supremacy. It’s technology versus magic and players get to decide who wins...with frags of, course. The game isn’t all about getting fragged in online multiplayer battles, though. There’s training levels and bots that players can do battle with to hone their skills before taking the fight online.

On the plus side, it actually appears that there’s no clandestine measures from M$ to do anything other than actually use Shadowrun to bridge the gap...for world domination! No, I’m kidding. But it does seem like the company is really pressuring cross-platform gaming with the 360 and Games for Windows. I’m sure if Shadowrun does well there will be a plethora of other games to follow with the same kind of online cross-platforming features.

Shadowrun retails for the suggested price of $59.99 for the Xbox 360 and $49.99 for PCs running Windows Vista. You can gather up more info by using our search bar and typing in Shadowrun (we have a lot), or you can visit the Official Xbox Live Website for more details. Oh, one last note, you will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to utilize the multiplayer cross-platforming.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.