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Shrek Forever After Is Now Available For Game Consoles And PC

Activision’s movie-based game on the upcoming Shrek movie is now available for major game consoles, handhelds and PC. Gamers who have long enjoyed the half-baked quality of licensed video games will probably throw themselves into retailers to grab a copy of Shrek Forever After.

According to the press release…

There’s tons of living room fun to be had in the Shrek Forever After video game, which turns Shrek into a social and team experience that the whole family can enjoy. Players can join in on the action at any time in the co-operative multiplayer mode to form a team of up to four players

The game also has a full-fledged single-player mode for gamers who just want to tussle through the fairy-tale land alone, and all the franchise’s favorite characters make a playable appearance in the game.

I’ve never been a fan of movie-based games but that won’t stop them from selling like Confederate flags at an Arizona immigration protest or Kama Sutra videos at a sex rehab clinic (Tiger, I’m looking at you).

Anyway, the game is available for the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 for $49.99, available for the DS for $29.99 and available for PC for only $19.99. And the reason the PC price is so low because they’re barely going to make any money on that platform given all the torrent-based thievery that takes place, so they just slapped a “hey we don’t care price” on the PC version.

You can learn more about Shrek Forever After by visiting the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.