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P.T. has evolved into a modern gaming phenomenon, starting off as a mysterious trailer and evolving into what many are calling some of the best games marketing to ever hit the industry. We now know that this “Playable Trailer” was for a new game in the Silent Hill series and, thanks to a new trailer shown off during Tokyo Game Show, we can all rest assured that, yes, Silent Hills is going to be scary as hell.

Coming from legendary game director Hideo Kojima and beloved film director Guillermo del Toro, P.T. first popped up during the Sony press conference at this year’s Gamescom convention in Germany. At first, all we knew about this mysterious title was its name, and that it was available free of charge on the PlayStation 4.

Loads of gamers answered the call to try out P.T. as soon as it went live, which is where the true marketing genius of the project kicked into high gear. Word of mouth spread like wildfire, and soon everybody had to check out this creepy new offering that so many people were calling the scariest game they had ever played. Some crafty gamers finally figured out how to “beat” P.T., which then led to the revelation that it was promotional material for Silent Hills, a new title in the legendary horror franchise. A pair of my favorite creative minds working on a game in one of my favorite series? Yes, please, and thank you very much.

Personally, P.T. scared the ever-loving hell out of me. I’m a huge fan of the genre and make it a point to dive headlong into games like this. I prefer to be completely alone, and I refuse to play such games unless the sun has set and every light in the house is off. I genuinely want to get the daylights scared out of me, so every creepy image, disturbing sound and totally expected yet still startling jump scare cause me to leap across the couch, yelling like a tiny child.

But, if P.T. didn’t quite have you convinced that Silent Hills was in good hands, maybe the above TGS trailer will finish the job. I don’t want to spoil any of the lovely visuals, so just turn off the lights, lean close to the screen and enjoy the ride.

For those of you in the market for a good laugh, you can check out the following clip of a pair of guys from Videogamer playing P.T. below. Thanks to the PlayStation 4’s streaming capabilities, you can dive into even more of these types of videos on Twitch, UStream or directly from your home console. Since Halloween is right around the corner, we can likely expect even more of these feeds to start popping up in the weeks ahead.
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