Skyrim DLC Dragonborn Is 30+ Hours Long?

On the eve of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC Dragonborn's release, a flood of details have been leaked by an alleged beta tester. If they're true, than Skyrim fans could be very pleased with this new add-on.

Dragonborn, according to Outhousers' tipster, is quite massive. He's poured over 30 hours into the content thus far. Even if you decide to race through it, you'll get about 10 hours' worth of gameplay.

In the DLC, players travel to the island of Solstheim to face the first Dragonborn. The trailer revealed new enemies like Ash Spawn and Rieklings. The loose-lipped beta tester states that players will also face giant demons called Lurkers, Werebears, new types of dragons, and another Dwemer automaton. The Morag Tong, the guild of assassins from Morrowind, will make an appearance as well.

Players will become much more powerful through this adventure. The DLC's supposed loot will include two unique scimitars so you can do your best Drizzt impersonation. The previously announced Bonemold, Chitin and Stahlrim armor will be accompanied by Deathbrand and Carved Nordic equipment. New spells include Ash Shell, which lets players slow or paralyze enemies with ash, and summon spells for Ash Guardian, Ash Spawn and Seekers.

The leaked details also include Achievements, plot details and a few new screenshots. Obviously you should be wary of looking at them if you're concerned about spoilers, though.

Dragonborn will hit Xbox Live tomorrow. PS3 and PC gamers will get their hands on it next year.

Update: The DLC is now live on Xbox 360.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.