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Bethesda may be announcing the third downloadable content pack for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Monday. They've released a teaser image and promised a trailer isn't far behind.

"Full Trailer on 11/5," reads a tweet from Bethesda's development team. It was accompanied by an image of a figure in spiked metal armor.

It seems likely this is an announcement related to Skyrim DLC rather than a new game. Only a year has passed since Skyrim's release so it's doubtful Bethesda has another project ready for a public reveal. Furthermore, the look of the character in this teaser image looks like an Elder Scrolls character.

This new DLC pack's name might be Dragonborn. Bethesda trademarked that title back in May. The other name they trademarked around that time, Hearthfire, ended up being the second DLC's title.

Skyrim's DLC to date has included a massive, story-based expansion (Dawnguard) and a smaller add-on based around player housing (Hearthfire). Hopefully Dragonborn - or whatever it's called - will be closer to the former. Regardless of what shape the DLC takes, one thing seems likely: it won't be on the PS3.

Update Bethesda has released the promised trailer. Yep, it's Dragonborn.

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