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Bethesda Softworks has some big news to reveal next month. The company says that they've got announcements lined up for both open-world RPG Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and post-apocalyptic shooter RAGE.

"Some things coming down the road in April for all you Rage and Skyrim fans," tweeted Pete Hines, Bethesda vice president of PR and marketing. "April is gonna have some cool news and surprises. Stay tuned."

It seems likely that Bethesda will announce downloadable content for these games. They've previously confirmed that they're working on DLC for both titles but have yet to release any. Skyrim and RAGE have been in stores for months now so a DLC announcement seems overdue.

In the case of Skyrim, Bethesda has said that the DLC packs will have a "lot of meat on them." They're planning to release a small number of packs but each will be large in size. It's possible that, like Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Skyrim will be getting full-fledged expansion packs.

Bethesda, and developer id Software, have been less talkative about RAGE's DLC. The game is based on a new IP and isn't the blockbuster that Skyrim is so plans for additional content might not be as ambitious. Still, the development team's had at least six months to work on potential DLC so it should be sizable enough.

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