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Rebellion is developing a sequel to Nazi Zombie Army, the standalone expansion to their shooter Sniper Elite V2. Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 will make its debut on the PC later in the year.

The first Nazi Zombie Army presented an alternate version of World War 2. As the Allies close in on Berlin, Hitler decides to raise the undead through an occult ritual. Players took on the role of American OSS agent Karl Fairburne and his allies as they fought their way through zombie-infested Germany.

Zombie was intended as a fun spin-off to allow Rebellion to try out four-person co-op in the framework of Sniper Elite. However, the game was much more successful than Rebellion expected. It racked up strong sales on Steam and was the subject of numerous "Let's Play" videos on YouTube. Rebellion found that many of these players had never experienced Sniper Elite before, so a sequel would be a great way to further expand the franchise's audience.

Nazi Zombie Army 2 continues the storyline of the first game. This time around, Fairburne and his pals are headed to Berlin. They plan to stop the source of the zombie outbreak once and for all. Players should expect to encounter fierce resistance on their mission.

"We really wanted to heighten the demonic, nightmarish tones of the first game," creative head Tim Jones told Eurogamer. "The environments, the levels, the soundtrack all give a strong feeling of descent - each encounter, each level becoming progressively more hellish. Most importantly though, we've expanded the legions of Nazi undead with some really intimidating new enemies which we'll reveal soon."

Rebellion self-published the first Nazi Zombie Army so they didn't have the resources to port the game to PS3 or Xbox 360. However, thanks to the self-publishing offered by the PS4 and Xbox One. Rebellion says it's feasible to release the game on those consoles.

"Now there's the possibility," Rebellion boss Jason Kinglsey said in the Eurogamer preview. "Before the wasn't really the possibility of self-publishing, so you couldn't even begin to think about it. You had to go via a third party and do a deal with somebody else. It made it less and less attractive."

If Nazi Zombie Army 2 does make an appearance on next-gen consoles, it won't be this year. Instead, Rebellion is targeting a 2014 release on those platforms.

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