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Snoop Dogg will appear in Namco's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 but not as a special fighter, instead he will be a special guest with his very own special stage and a very special musical track for those who pre-order the game.

Due out this September for the Xbox 360 and PS3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will feature 50 fighters right out of the box, unlockable content, alternate costumes, multiple stages, plenty of fighting moves and pair-play for both online and offline gameplay.

Regarding the recent acquisition of used-to-be-popular rap star Snoop Dogg, Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken Project Director at Namco Bandai commented, saying...
“We are big fans of Snoop Dogg and are proud to welcome him to the TEKKEN franchise,”...“The content we created with Snoop Dogg and the song he made for the game allow TEKKEN fans to experience the legendary hip-hop star in a unique way and blend both Eastern and Western cultures like never before.”

Snoop Dogg will appear in the stage as The Doggfather alongside many exotic women. The pre-order bonus will appear as such when anyone orders from retailers worldwide. I'm also pretty sure that the content will be accessible to non-pre-order bonus gamers as day-one or post-launch DLC, assuming you really, really, really like Snoop Dogg.

Hip-Hop icon Snoop Dogg shared his own thoughts on being included in the game, saying...
“I've been a fan of TEKKEN since the 90's so I’m excited to have made KNOCC ‘EM DOWN for the game’s soundtrack. The game's got a special stage featuring yours truly sittin’ high above and watching the action take place,” ...“All you TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 fans better get ready to experience kickin' ass on Tha Boss Dogg's stage with my new song KNOCC ‘EM DOWN banging in the background. What more could you ask for? ”

Flo-Rida and Usher doing a duet in the background? I think that's all we could ever ask for out of a fighting game.

Anyways, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will launch on September 22nd for the Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year. For more information on the game or the option to pre-order be sure to visit the Official Tekken Website.

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