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So it appears as if Microsoft and Rare could be reviving Conker yet again. After announcing his return via Project Spark, it caused a lot of the hype for the foul-mouthed squirrel to fizzle. But a store listing has revealed that Microsoft isn't giving up on the animal with an attitude just yet.

Shacknews is reporting that NeoGaf users have spotted a couple of games on the Microsoft Windows 10 app store. One of those games happen to be Young Conker. You can check out the snapshot of the store listing below before Microsoft pulled the listings.

The title could very well be a working title. Young Conker certainly isn't as snappy as Conker's Bad Fur Day or Conker: Live And Reloaded. They might have something else planned for the title later on down the road, or then again since it's supposedly listed as a 'Teen' rated game, it might just end up being more kid-friendly and oriented around Conker before he had a Bad Fur Day.

The last outing for Conker was in Project Spark last year that consisted of various props and gameplay missions for the Xbox and PC property. However, Microsoft made the change in the toolkit's monetary setup, allowing it to go completely free and abandoning the cash shop options. They also halted any further DLC for Project Spark, as noted by Gamespot. In result of the halted DLC, it meant that no new content was coming for Conker. That was the last we heard of the little squirrel with the big personality.

There were also two other apps listed on the store that were removed after being spotted, including something called Fragments, which has an 'M' for a Mature rating and HoloStudio, which is rated 'E' for Everyone.

The HoloStudio obviously seems like something designed for Microsoft's upcoming augmented reality device, HoloLens. There's really no telling how soon the HoloStudio could be coming out due to the fact that we don't have an exact release date on HoloLens. So it could be a basic software app entry for later on in the year, similar to how the SteamDB tracks apps added to the Steam database even though the projects might be months or years away from actual release.

I'm actually kind of curious what Fragments is... it's hard to tell if that's another working title or if it's the name of a real game in development. Obviously, it's either action-oriented or story-driven with a lot of adult language, and it's another game in the pipeline that we'll likely learn more about sometime in the near future.

As for Conker...we'll see if Microsoft can successfully resuscitate Rare's iconic little squirrel with this Young Conker title, which will obviously be for Windows 10 systems and likely the Xbox One. So far, they haven't been able to hit a stride with Conker, so I wouldn't hold my breath for any kind of big AAA outing. We'll keep you posted if there's anything new about the game revealed as we move through 2016.