Recently hackers managed to post impossible scores on the leaderboards for Sonic 4: Episode 1. In response, Sega has wiped the leaderboards completely.

Owners of the legit high scores are understandably upset by the wipe. What no doubt adds to their frustration is the fact that this isn't even a long-term solution. Sega is still working on that, apparently.

"The reset was not useless - and is far better than simply leaving even more hacked times up there," said a community manager on the Sega forums. "It's not a long-term solution, but while we look into what options there are to combat this effectively for good, I think it's very important to do what we can in the short-term, too."

Gamers argue that Sega could've deleted the individual scores that were obviously hacked and left all of the others untouched. Still, this argument assumes that all of the hacked scores are blatant. What about a hacked score that's just a hair above a legit top score?

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