Two new map trailers were released for the upcoming free-to-play shooter from Acony and Sony Online Entertainment, Bullet Run. The maps are tightly woven together with an ample string of environmental clutter to keep the action fast and ferocious. Unfortunately, we don't get to see any actual deathmatching take place so you can basically chalk these videos up as being nothing more than advanced strategic reconnaissance.

Bullet Run was originally announced earlier this year under the title of Hedone. The concept has stayed exactly the same only the name was made slightly more generic, probably for broader appeal to a mass audience. Regardless, the game is pretty much an alternative of the Unreal Tournament paradigm, save instead of being set into the far future the game takes place during modern times with current-day weapons and environments.

All right, enough rambling. You can check out a brief snippet of the Oilrig stage and Shanty map below.

Graphically the game looks all right. It's not breaking new territory but it's not ugly, not by a long shot. The Oilrig map reminds me a lot of the stage from Vogster's free-to-play third-person shooter, CrimeCraft and the Shanty map looks awfully similar to that raggedy town from Bethesda's Brink. Funnily enough, the gameplay footage of Bullet Run actually seems to be a combination of CrimeCraft and Brink. Hopefully it fares better than the latter.

Acony currently has the website down for Bullet Run due to maintenance but I imagine it'll be up shortly to provide more info and insight into their upcoming free-to-play title. When they get their stuff fixed and their act together you can learn more about the first-person shooter by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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