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PAX East is right around the corner and it's one of the many big consumer trade shows to take place throughout the year that garners a lot of attention and chatter from within the community. Sony has plans on partaking in the upcoming event and they revealed what games will be playable at their booth.

Gamespot listed all of the games that will be present at Sony's booth. The list includes games that will be playable and the games that will be VR-ready when the PlayStation VR launches this October. The PAX East event will take place between April 22nd and April 24th in Boston, Massachusetts. You can check out the full list of games that will be on display below.

PS4 Games:
• Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
• Ratchet & Clank
• Killstrain
• MLB The Show 16
• Paragon
• Hitman
• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan
• Grand Kingdom
• Eitr
[email protected]
• Skytorn
• Abzu
• Lego Marvel's Avengers
• Killing Floor 2
• Headlander
• The King of Fighters XIV
• Don't Starve: Shipwrecked
• 100 Ft. Robot Golf
• Push Me Pull You

PS VR Games:
• Rez Infinite
• Job Simulator
• Thumper
• Headmaster
• Gnog
• Harmonix Music VR
• Wayward Sky
• Rush of Blood
• RIGS: Mechanized Combat League
• VR Worlds

The Uncharted 4 display will be for multiplayer only, so don't expect to go in and get some trend-worthy story spoilers.

A few of these games I've never heard of, such as [email protected] or Gnog. It's nice that we'll see these games get a bit of exposure on a grand stage to help increase their prestige and garner some recognition amongst the community.

I'm really happy to see that both King of Fighters XIV and Killing Floor 2 will be on display at Sony's booth. The former is really trying to make waves in the hardcore gaming community, with SNK Playmore consistently releasing new trailers and promotional content to keep gamers informed and in tune to what they have planned for the game. We still don't have a release date etched in stone but I imagine it's coming soon. The latter has been in Early Access on Steam for quite some time, slowly receiving new content such as maps, weapons and characters as Tripwire Interactive moves the game toward its full release on both PC and PS4. PlayStation gamers will finally get to see how the first-person arcade shooter will play on Sony's latest console.

Of course, the real big test is in the virtual reality games... this is where Sony will be able to determine actual, legitimate interest in their VR technology. Right now the main motivator of VR tech has been the media working as an intermediary between consumers and companies pushing for the new headsets. This will give PlayStation owners a first-hand opportunity to see if they will actually want to invest in the PS VR HMD come this October.

I imagine some of the games that will stand out amongst the crowd in the VR department will be RIGS and Rez Infinite. Although, I do worry about Rez and VR headset wearers suffering from epilepsy.

The PAX East event is completely sold out, and those who won't be able to attend will at least be able to see many of the aforementioned games in action thanks to live-streaming. Expect to see even more of the PS VR and many of the unreleased titles at Sony's booth at E3 this year.

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