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Can you feel that? The hum of anticipation. The buzz of excitement. We’re just one week out from the launch of the PlayStation 4. Seven days. A number of hours I do not care to do the math to calculate. It’s almost here and, to celebrate, Sony has announced that would be buyers will get a little somethin-somethin extra when they finally pick up that shiny new console.

Understanding that folks typically like to try before they buy, Sony has made a wise move when it comes to the upcoming PlayStation 4 launch. Along with the console, anyone who buys the system (during early runs, at least) will nab themselves a “threefold surprise,” including free access to PlayStaiton Plus, Music Unlimited, and even a bit of spending money to use on the PlayStation Network.

Announced via the PlayStation Blog, Sony Network Entertainment VP Eric Lempel explained that everyone who picks up a PS4 in the US and Canada will enjoy a few additional perks to help ease them into the console’s ecosystem. These include a $10 credit to spend on whatever you want in the PlayStation Store, a 30-day trial of PlayStation Plus membership, and a 30-day trial of Music Unlimited, Sony’s music streaming service.

“Out of the box, you can immediately experience everything PlayStation Plus for PS4 has to offer and have access to millions and millions of songs through Music Unlimited,” Lempel said. “The $10 credit can be used towards anything in the store, including new PS4 launch titles, such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghost and Killzone: Shadow Fall.”

As a reminder, the PS4 will be joining the Plus Lineup on Nov. 15, the day the console launches. Games up for offer will be the side-scrolling bullet hell shooter, Resogun, and shadowy noir platformer, Contrast. In other words, even if you don’t plan on upping your subscription to PlayStation Plus, that still gives you a full month to play Contrast and Resogun. Think of them as two free games when you buy your system. And, hey, you could even apply that $10 toward said Plus Subscription, if you so choose.

In case you need a reminder of what those games have in store for you, a trailer for Resogun is nestled lovingly above with one for Contrast just below. Otherwise, look for vouchers for all of these goodies tucked inside the box alongside your PS4 when the console releases next Friday.

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