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It's rare a company is proud enough of the hardware in their home console that they release a trailer that contains a minute and 13 seconds of nothing more than the technical specifications of the hardware. I mean, who does that? Well, apparently Sony does.

The new promotional trailer for the PlayStation 4 has gone live tonight – odd timing, I know, considering most young people are off getting sloppy drunk and hammered enough that they'll have to sleep it off on a pew the next morning – and it doesn't have any fancy glitz or glamor about it.

There are no explosions, no gun fights, no ridiculous cameos from beyond-beautiful Hollywood sex icons or some silly motif in which the company is trying spin for viewers. Instead, Sony opted to keep it simple, showing different angles of the PlayStation 4 while some relaxing hi-fi elevator music matches the visual eases that go in and out while highlighting each of the PlayStation 4 specialties.

There's nothing particularly poignant about the video and it takes an opposite tone of some of the more marketing jabs that Sony has used throughout this year to hammer it home that they're rocking a more fleshed out console than their competitor... such as the video game sharing video.

What we have here is basically just Sony saying “Look folks, no gimmicks. This is what we have. It's sexy ain't it?”

In a way, this is a nice promo video because it gives us all a chance to step away from that festering, flaming pit of burnt butthurt and fanboy husks where the blood of the fallen has blinded many to the stark realizations of truth and facts... I'm talking about the Console Wars.

After you get done taking a break, learning about the PS4's GGDR5 shared memory setup between the custom CPU and GPU APU, you can then learn a little bit about the console's processing power. The system rocks AMD's multi-core technology that afford for 1.84 teraflops, and it edges out over the Xbox One and Wii U in pure specs. On the flipside, though, the Wii U does sport the motion-based tablet controller with an accelerometer, gyroscope and a magnetic sensor combined with an intuitive 1:1 touchscreen, which affords for some truly unique and groundbreaking gameplay possibilities, such as ZombiU and Monolith's X... can't say the same for the Xbone.

Anyway, the PlayStation 4 is set for release on November 15th in two weeks. If you're already prepping for the console by purchasing additional accessories early, you can pick up controllers and games for the PS4 right now.

For additional information on the PlayStation 4 you can learn more about Sony's next-generation home entertainment console by paying a kind visit to the official website.

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