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Sony released public photos of PlayStation 4 units at a recent public event and they opened up their cabinets to let the public get a good glimpse inside. Do you know what real people found? Actual PlayStation 4s running the game, not high-powered Windows 7 PCs powered by Nvidia's latest GTX cards.

As we all know, the real winner of E3 2013 was Nvidia, showcasing many of our favorite games with the top of the line graphics at resolutions exceeding 1080p at 60 frames per second. I'm not just talking about PC games, either. Microsoft was caught red-handed using many PCs to power their games and opted to call these high-end PCs “dev kits” for the Xbox One. These so-called “dev kits” using GTX 780s allowed Microsoft to show off games running at resolutions and framerates that were not confirmed or final for Xbox One hardware. In result, recent reports are indicating that many games on the Xbox One will be half of the quality of what they were showcased at E3...half the quality.

Sony wanted to drive it home that they weren't on a campaign fueled by misleading intentions. Instead, Dualshockers caught photos from the official Italian Playstation Twitter account where Sony made a very similar looking cabinet from previous press events available for public viewing... but instead of a Corsair-cooled Intel i7 beast found inside the cabinet, this is what was behind the doors...

The machines were running Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall in their full glory, without smoke, without mirrors and without the help of Nvidia's high-end gaming GPUs.

The Twitter message, translated into English, reads...
“To debunk a false myth: Inside the PS4 cabinets there are PS4s, not PCs.”

Oh burn.

That is how you drop a truth bomb right there; hard hitting and undeniable like Clinton bombing civies in Kosovo.

While Xbox One fanboys argue over which one of the system's games looked best running on Nvidia's hardware, PS4 fanboys get to argue over which game they'll actually get to buy and play and enjoy the same way they did at the live event.

Oh yeah, and here's just a reminder of what many of Microsoft's cabinets looked like at events such as E3.

It's okay, though, Xbox fanboys are always welcome to join the side that helped make their console look legit at E3... I'm talking about the Glorious PC Master Race.

Alternatively, if you're not down with all the games on Microsoft's new console being downgraded from 1080p and you're not keen on dropping $500 on an Xbox 720p, might I suggest getting a real next-gen console that has unquestionable 1080p 60fps at a much cheaper price... perhaps a Wii U?

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