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Sorcery Developer Diary Explores The Magic Of PlayStation Move

In the remaining weeks until Sorcery's release, developer The Workshop will be releasing a series of behind-the-scenes videos about the PS3 exclusive. In the first installment, the development team talks about how the PlayStation Move plays a central role in the game.

In Sorcery, players take on the role of a young sorcerer's apprentice. He accidentally unleashes the Nightmare Queen on the world and must set things right. Armed with a variety of magical powers, he must battle both the Queen and his army of minions.

Players use the PlayStation Move controller as a magic wand. They wave it in patterns in order to create different spells. The fact that the PlayStation Move is, essentially a wand itself makes the connection between the player's physical activity and the on-screen action very clear, according to the developers.

The Sorcery team notes that the motion control in their game is more precise than many titles that use similar technology. The game isn't simply detecting whether or not you wave your wand, it's detecting where you point it, how you arc your shots, and so forth. It's a fast-paced and physical experience.

It's a shame that this game's development took so long. It seems like the sort of game that would've been a valuable launch title for the PS Move back in 2010. Hopefully the extra development time pays off, though. Game's due on May 22nd.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.