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It looks like the content well is finally running dry on Soul Sacrifice, the PlayStation Vita action adventure game all about asking players what they’d be willing to give up in order to achieve their goals. The game is going out with a bang, though, as 16 new missions have been added to the to-do list with Update 1.30, which went live yesterday evening.

In an age when developers are charging ridiculous sums of money for extra characters, map packs, or even color pallet swaps, it’s kind of staggering to see anyone give something away for their new game free of charge. But that’s exactly what the team behind Soul Sacrifice has been doing for nearly half a year, adding boatloads of new content on a regular basis without charging a single penny extra.

In Soul Sacrifice, players take on the role of a sorcerer sworn to ridding the land of monsters. Along the way you’ll collect various helpful objects, which you can then sacrifice in return for a boost or weapon in battle. A certain type of bone can be transformed into an axe, for instance, or a feather can be sacrificed in order to give you heightened speed.

There are dozens upon dozens of items to collect, mix and match to create bigger and better spells, but the best magic you’ll find in the game comes at the cost of your own body. Sacrifice your mind, for instance, to unleash a whirlwind of electricity and destruction. But the word “sacrifice” is used for a reason, as each of these big spells comes with a cost. Use the spell mentioned above and your on-screen reminders for which items you have mapped to which buttons will disappear.

While there are a large number of missions for players to tackle solo, Soul Sacrifice is at its best when played with up to three online partners (whom you can also sacrifice when they’ve been incapacitated to unleash the game’s most powerful spell.)

The game proper was loaded with content, but apparently not enough to suit the developers, as they have now unleashed about half a dozen DLC packs to beef up the offerings. Packs typically included a pair of new bosses, as well as about eight new missions to fight through. New spells, items, maps and modes were also added from time to time, never once costing players an extra fee.

But as is the case with all good things, these gratis goodies must finally come to an end. SCEA Producer Kumi Yuasa announced the launch of update 1.30 yesterday afternoon that, along with some standard tweaks and bug fixes, added 16 new missions to the game. While no new bosses or maps were added this time around, it’s hard to complain about another 16 reasons to team up with friends and go monster hunting.

“The final 16 quests are all difficulty level 10. You’ll be tasked with facing challenging boss characters you may have come across before. Will you be up for the thrilling rematches, or will they get the best of you,” Yuasa said. “Thank you all for your support on Soul Sacrifice over the past several months.”

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