Queasy is uniting music genres divided by 30 years in its latest DLC content for Sound Shapes, offering fans of its rhythm-infused PS3/Vita platformer new musical notes and environmental pieces inspired by the 80's and dubstep.

Sound Shapes is all about creation, giving players the chance to build unique worlds and populate them with various monsters, doo-dads and gadgets, all of which produce some sort of a musical sound. From country to rock, the game's wide variety of genres have allowed creative world builders the opportunity to make some fantastic levels for players to explore that double as a musical experience.

The latest DLC for the game is now available, recreating the sounds of the 1980's, as well as the more modern beats of dubstep.

“The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and 'wub' is in the air...and with the spring comes a new blast of Sound Shapes DLC,” said Mark Rabo in the DLC's official announcement. “Two unique sound packs are available right now and in just a couple of weeks we're stuffing the Community Milkcrate with more albums from guest curators.”

The 80's and Dubstep packs are available for a buck a pop right this very minute. Then, on May 28, those additions to the Milkcrate Rabo was talking about will surface for free, including user-made levels hand-picked by the folks at The Verge, Gamespot, Ghostly International, Baiyon and Queasy themselves. If you can't wait until then, then I understand there's some vehicle DLC that might help tide you over for the next couple of weeks.

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