Ubisoft is finally going to release their video game based on the Starz television show Spartacus. Spartacus Legends, a free-to-play brawler, will debut on the Xbox 360 and PS3 next week.

Legends allows players to take on the role of Spartacus, Crixus or their own personalized gladiator. Players will have eight fighting styles to choose from. There are said to be "thousands of combinations of weapons" available to players as well. Through victories, they'll earn additional equipment to choose from.

Once players have created their gladiator and practiced on the training grounds, they'll then enter the arena. They can fight A.I. or human opponents. Multiplayer is available both online and offline. The top combatants will be recognized on worldwide leaderboards. Players will also have weekly challenges to tackle.

There's no mention of whether there's any hints of the storyline from the show. However, there are some traces of the TV Spartacus in the game. Spartacus himself is voiced by Liam McIntyre, the same actor who played him in the show. Furthermore, the game features as much ultra violence as the show. Expect plenty of blood splatter, decapitation and dismemberment.

Like other free-to-play games, Legends is supported by optional microtransactions. Players can spend real-world money to get gold for equipment purchases. Equipment can also be earned through gameplay, though that will take longer. It's the usual "spend time or money" situation.

When the game was announced last year, I remarked that it was long overdue. After all, the Spartacus show was already two seasons in. Now, though, the third and final season has already wrapped up. Ubisoft missed the window to deliver well-timed tie-in but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's better that developer Kung Fu Factory took the time to get it right. Let's hope that they actually did.

Legends will debut on PSN in North America on June 25th. The Xbox Live Arcade launch will follow on the 26th. The 360 version will apparently be available worldwide on that date. The European, Japanese, and Asian release dates for PSN have yet to be announced, however.

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