Special Forces: Team X is the upcoming third-person shooter from Micropose, Atari and Zombie Studios. It pits players against players in typical arena-based, hardcore shooting action with lots of guns, dogs, explosives, chainsaws and air strikes. If it sounds like some sort of hybrid of Team Fortress meets Gears of War meets Call of Duty, then you're not far off the mark.

The game has been flying under the radar (or we haven't been picking up the press releases very often) and the new trailer helps put the game right smack dab in the spotlight as an early February release for the Xbox 360 and Steam (sorry, no PS3 loving this time around).

The trailer is filled to the brim with standard-fare deathmatch action and if you haven't grown tired and weary of standard-fare deathmatch action then you might enjoy the very standard-fare deathmatch action that the game has to offer. Plus, there's a bunch of quotes about how great the game is from people with “@” signs and other non-vocabulary symbols in their names.

There was a lot of praise being passed around in that trailer from some people I've never heard of, but that must mean it's a good game, eh?

Personally, other than the art-style, there wasn't much that made me think this game is any different from say, Loadout, which at least has a very cool weapon customization system. I'm also curious what separates this game from the likes of Microvolts, War Inc, Blacklight, Absolute Force Online or Mercenary Ops?

Still, if it tickles your fancy, feel free to learn more by visiting the Official Website. The game is set for release on Steam and Xbox 360 on February 5th.

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