Special Forces Team X Video Blog Covers Leatherface, Chainsaws

Special Forces Team X from Zombie Studios is set for release this week – more like this Wednesday – for Xbox Live and Steam. The game carries a 1200 MSP price tag (or $14.99 in real money currency) and will bring some competitive, casual-core third-person shooting to your favorite platform that isn't the PS3, and a new dev blog covers some of the basics before you hop into the action.

After first seeing Special Forces Team X I wasn't all that thrilled with the game because it looked horribly generic, but after watching this latest trailer the game has sort of grown on me. You can check it out below, where they cover some of the basic gameplay elements and a few of the noteworthy weapons, including the chainsaw.

Oh, they named Gears of War as a TPS for PC but failed to mention APB: Reloaded. So much fail.

This use of “casual-core” has me little confused, because I would rate Call of Duty as casual-core but that game can become horribly frustrating due to the fast-paced death-spam gameplay. In regards the casual-ness also makes it difficult because of how easy it is to get kills and get killed, so I'm curious if Special Forces Team X is similar in the way that hardcore gamers can manipulate spawns and weapons to an advantage and pwn up or are there measures in place to keep the game balanced for real casual-core gamers? Hardcore food for thought.

Anyway, you can grab Special Forces Team X this week or pre-order the game if you think you're really sold on the idea after watching that video. For more information be sure to visit the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.