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The team at Ubisoft Toronto released a small update on stealth-action game Splinter Cell: Blacklist today. The lone screenshot gives us a close look at the suit that Fourth Echelon agent Sam Fisher wears in his missions.

In the shot, Fisher is rapelling along the side of a building somewhere in the Middle East. It looks like it's part of the mission seen in the extended walkthrough video. While Fisher's just hanging from a rope here, rest assured he's about to do something very cool.

One interesting thing about Sam's armor is the green light on his shoulder as well. That's actually the light indicator, which shows how hidden he is. It seems like it glows when he's hidden in the shadows. It doesn't really make sense - why would a stealthy operative want his suit to glow green? - but it's cleaner than a UI window. Furthermore, it's less jarring than changing the screen to black and white whenever he's hidden as Splinter Cell: Conviction did.

If you're unsatisfied with Fisher's choice of tactical jumpsuit, don't be worried. Ubisoft said via Twitter there will be several, customizable outfits for players to use.

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