Nathan Jurevicius' graphic novel Scarygirl will become a video game later this year. The game, published by Square Enix, will be released through Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Scarygirl was a graphic novel that won the 2009 Aurealis Award for Best Illustrated Book/Graphic Novel. The titular character is a child with a tentacle arm who dresses like a pirate. She's haunted by dreams of a strange man, and sets out on a journey to find out what they mean. The game's plot is all-new and completely separate from the novel and planned feature film.

Scarygirl will face hedgehogs, crossing guards and more in her adventure. Fortunately she has a number of combat moves at her disposal. The player can purchase new moves or attachments for her tentacle arm throughout the game.

She also has some powerful friends like Blister the giant octopus and Bunniguru the kung-fu rabbit. A second player can hop into the game as Bunniguru in fact. During this offline co-op, the two players can work together to perform special abilities.

Scarygirl is in development at TikGames. They plan to release the game in the "early" months of this year.

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