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Square Enix appears to be teasing a new PS4 exclusive, tentatively titled Project Code Z. The game – well, we're assuming it's a game – has next to no information available and sports a teaser site that states that more will be revealed on January 31st, 2015.

IGN spotted the site and the simple tagline that's being pushed on the official teaser Twitter account, which reads...

As for the teaser site... it's located on Square's Japanese server. The sub-domain reads “MSZ” but the site itself is titled Project Code Z.

The image in the background is a flash video that cycles through various images. The images appear to be locations, one of which is a dense forest with bright green foliage. The second location looks to be a an underground cave with stairs. There's another image of the cave from a different angle, and a third image of what appears to be the same cave... only this time the image focuses on a batch of crystals.

The biggest giveaway from the series of cycling images happens to be the close-up of the crystals... it draws me back to the likes of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles or Secret of Mana, but it's unlikely Square is tapping into their Final Fantasy reserve so soon. I mean, they already have an HD remaster of Final Fantasy Type-0 on the way for the Xbox One and PS4, as well as Final Fantasy XV scheduled for release sometime in the near future for home consoles, too.

Could it be some other long lost gem from the 16-bit era scheduled to make a reappearance or is it something completely different? Perhaps a brand new IP? I mean, gamers are still head-over-heels for Chrono Trigger, so that seems like a good brand to dive back into... however, those images from the teaser site don't seem to coincide with any imagery from Chrono Trigger that I can recall.

There's also age-old gems like Secret of Evermore or Illusion of Gaia but I can't see Square reviving age-old titles with a short build-up on a teaser site like that.

It could be something similar to Capcom's Deep Down. I mean, that's another PS4 exclusive dumped into the free-to-play arena. Square has also moved Final Fantasy XIV to the PS4, so something online-based wouldn't be too far fetched.

It would be nice if it was something built on the Luminous Engine, but then again given the lower-tier specs for the eighth-gen consoles it may not seem likely that we'll see much use of the engine on today's consoles. The high-end graphics and rendering capabilities of Square's engine far exceeds the capabilities of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Then again, it might be a scaled-down game running on the Luminous Engine, exclusively for the PS4? But given that Square licensed the Unreal Engine 4 for their eighth-gen titles, hoping to see their own proprietary tech in action is looking mighty slim. I guess we'll find out when January 31st rolls around and Project Code Z is finally revealed.
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