The big game that Square Enix has been teasing and building up over time has turned out to be none other than a new Star Ocean sequel. The game is going to be a throwback to the PS2 version of Star Ocean 3 and its full title is Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness.

Gematsu has an extremely detailed rundown of the information available for the newest Star Ocean, opting to update the article throughout the day as more information surfaced. A lot of the details came from an interview that the tri-Ace developers had with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

The new game is being developed on the PS3 as the lead platform. However, the team is working on a PS4 version alongside the PS3 version of the game. Combat will remain largely the same as it was in previous titles, where players will encounter enemies and take control of a single character while the other party members are micromanaged through AI setups in the party menus. The combat itself will still be active battles with the traditional JRPG battle gauges, and there will also be brand new events involving enemies with branching outcomes.

Siliconera picked up some translations from the Hachima Kikou blog where newly appointed producer Suichi Kobayashi stated...
“With the thought of putting my life into Star Ocean, I decided to change my position to producer (having previously been in charge of advertisement until now),” … “I want to color Star Ocean 5 with the essence of Star Ocean 3.”

It's not all a throwback, though. The team mentions they're planning on doing something unique when it comes to party members versus bosses. What exactly that means I'm not really sure. According to the game director, Hiroshi Ogawa, he mentioned that...
“Basic battles are the same as previous entries, where the player controlled character takes on the enemy in one-on-one battles. On the other hand, boss battles see the whole party squaring off against bosses, which lends those fights a different feel that players can enjoy.”

As for the story... it's set 6,000 light years away from Earth and players will assume the role of Fedel Camus, who will be joined by companions Miki Sorvesta and Lilia.

The team does seem to be eying features for Share play functionality on the PS4 but nothing is set in stone just yet. Additionally, they don't want to do any story-related DLC. While story and mission DLC is popular with a lot of other big companies out there, as we've seen with stuff like Asura's Wrath, Mass Effect 3 and Saints Row, tri-Ace appears to want to keep things a bit more old-school. No complaints from me about that.

There's no official release date set for the game just yet, but it has been mentioned that they've completed about 30% of the title so far. That basically means that they're a very, very long ways away from completing this latest Star Ocean title. Whether or not it'll score more fans than Star Ocean 4 did when it released half a decade ago on the Xbox 360 and PS3 is a complete toss-up, but at least we know Square Enix isn't afraid to dig into their trove of licensed property to pull out an old fan favorite every once in a while.
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