Star Wars: Battlefront Lets You Play As Darth Vader During Installation

Back in the days of the PlayStation One, Namco used to allow players to play little mini-games in between loading. The ability to play mini-games while a game loads has mostly disappeared... until now. DICE revived the ability to play a mini-game in Star Wars: Battlefront while the game downloads.

Eurogamer did a write-up on the mini-game inclusion and also included video of the gameplay as well. You can check it out below.

According to the article the mini-game in Star Wars: Battlefront is unlocked at the 18 percent mark when downloading the game. Eurogamer managed to get in some play-time early thanks to EA's Access, which enables gamers on the Xbox One to get some games just ahead of launch before PC and PlayStation 4 owners.

The EA Access program enables registered users to play 10 full hours of Star Wars: Battlefront ahead of its November 17th release. While waiting for the 20GB download to finish, the staff at Eurogamer discovered the mini-game just a fifth of the way through the download process.

According to the article and the video above, you can see that players will be placed in a small cordon of the Rebel base on Hoth while assuming the role of Darth Vader. Players will work with Imperial forces to wipe out wave after wave of Rebel soldiers.

The mini-game works as a great tutorial for learning how to play and master Darth Vader in Star Wars: Battlefront. It's a nice alternative to being thrown into the game, picking up the power-up by mistake and then being tasked with playing as the fallen Jedi for the first time while teammates are counting on you to not suck.

The gameplay for Vader in the mini-game is identical to how he's played in the full version of Star Wars: Battlefront. The left and right trigger work as a block and attack, and he has the ability to execute force choke, as well as force throw his lightsaber and perform a heavy swinging attack.

I don't know how long most people would suffice with playing the mini-game before they get bored. The area is pretty tiny and the gameplay is quite miniscule in the segment, but it sure beats looking at a download bar slowly adding one percentage at a time while downloading 20GB worth of data.

Star Wars: Battlefront will be the last big AAA game of November to release, and after that it'll be Just Cause 3 and Rainbow Six: Siege to follow.

You can look for DICE's Frostbite 3-powered shooter to arrive on the Xbox One, PC and PS4 on November 17th. For more information and details on the game you can head on over to the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.