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Undead Labs announced today that they're bringing State of Decay to Xbox One. State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition improves upon the the Xbox 360 open-world zombie game with technical improvements and new content.

Decay was first released in 2013 on Xbox 360 and PC. The player leads a group of survivors following the zombie apocalypse. They have to establish a base and then keep it running by making supply runs. They also have to keep their home safe from undead attacks.

State of Decay's Xbox One version will have 1080p visuals with sharper textures and new environment effects. They've also reworked animations for zombies and survivors alike. The frame rate, one of the weak spots of the Xbox 360 edition, is being improved as well.

Undead Labs will also include the DLC packs from the original 360 version. Breakdown is a new mode that lets players focus on long-term survival without having to play story missions. Once the game world is depleted of resources, they can fix an abandoned RV and use it to escape. This will reset the world, but at a higher difficulty level.

In Lifeline, players control a military unit trying to keep order in the city of Danforth. They must defend their base from zombie attacks using mines, artillery and other equipment. It's sort of the inverse of the base game, in that you start out with a lot of weapons and then have to deal with the eventual shortages.

The developers are also creating some new content for the Year-One Survival Edition. Undead Labs says that it won't be "an entire DLC’s worth, but a few cool new mission types, new weapons, vehicles, and perhaps a hero or two."

"We’ll also be making some of your favorite characters from Lifeline(yes, Sasquatch) available as playable characters in Breakdown, and taking some of the new base options from Lifeline and making them available in Breakdown and the core State of Decay game. And then we’ll throw in half an hour of new music from State of Decay composer Jesper Kyd," said Undead founder Jeff Strain on the company's website.

This enhanced version of the game won't be exclusive to Xbox One, though. Undead Labs says they'll release Year-One Survival Edition on PC as well. The game can be purchased through digital and brick-and-mortar stores for both platforms in Spring 2015.

"For those of you who’ve played State of Decay, I know you’ll have lots of questions. Will my characters transfer over? What is the upgrade path for current players? Have the system specs for the PC changed? How much will it cost? I don’t have answers to these questions today, but rest assured we’re working on them, and I’ll let you know as soon as I can. What I can tell you is that we’re always aware the reason we have the opportunity to continue making State of Decay games is because of your support, and that will guide every decision we make."

Screenshots of the Year-One Survival Edition can be found below.