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Xbox Live arcade zombie game State of Decay will be receiving a Sandbox mode soon to extend the play experience indefinitely. Today developer Undead Labs gave the full details on this mode, which they describe as "Infinity Versus Attrition."

Sandbox mode takes place in Trumbull Valley, the same location as the story mode. The difference is that there's no campaign. Instead, players are free to establish their base and explore the map. They must then scavenge supplies from the countryside to keep their base afloat. Supplies don't respawn, though, so eventually you're going to run out.

Once you've exhausted the supplies in the valley, you're going to have to leave and find a new home. The only means of escape is an RV at the edge of town. Getting the RV ready for travel will present a challenge.

"Fixing up an RV isn’t an easy task," explains Undead Labs. You’ll need to scavenge for fuel and materials. You’ll need tools, and a decent workshop. You may run into setbacks, and have to risk your life to resolve them. And it will take time — time during which the zombie hordes are growing."

Once the RV is successfully started, you have to get as many survivors as you can onboard. You'll have to guide each character to the RV, either alone or in pairs. All the while, the zombies will be rampaging.

"There won’t be room for everyone (we’re still working out the exact numbers). You’ll have to leave a lot behind, including some close friends. But at least you’ll have hope. That’s more than can be said for those who remain in the valley."

The RV will soon arrive at a new town - actually, no, it's the exact same town. However, all of the supplies have been replenished. The zombies, meanwhile, are stronger and in greater numbers. You'll have to start over with your new community and try to stay alive in this tougher world. If you manage to survive long enough to run out of supplies again, just find the RV and leave again.

You'll be rewarded for enduring these challenges. Undead Labs promises Achievements and unlockables, both of which will be detailed soon. There's also the simple gratification of climbing the Leaderboards.

In addition to Sandbox Mode, Undead Labs is also preparing Title Update 3 for the game. This patch will fix numerous bugs and also allow players to bring NPC's along on missions. The studio is also working on a PC version. A planned multiplayer mode has been scrapped, however.

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