Honoring the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, SteelSeries has announced that a new pink-flavored Siberia V2 headset is currently available for those of you out there who want to share the love (and dollar bills) to help out the BCRF.

The special edition, matte-pink headset will be available for a limited time and 10% of all the funds gathered from the sales of the pink Siberia V2 will go towards the non-profit Research Foundation.

Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO commented in the press release saying...
“We’re proud to be working with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and are thrilled to be giving our customers a chance to purchase a premium-quality gaming and entertainment headset that will also benefit a cause that is recognized and important to so many,”... “It is our goal to reach, and hopefully exceed, a donation amount of $10,000 between now and October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, for BCRF from this campaign.”

Actually $10,000 isn't too bad, but they'll need to reap about $100,000 in revenue from those pink headsets if they want to meet that goal by October. Could this mean early anniversary gifts for gaming couples? Or perhaps, starting the new trend of buying high-end gaming peripherals with the pastelic touch of pink?

But just because the headset is pink doesn't mean it's any less effective at getting the job done, and it's job is to bust up your eardrums as if you stepped onto a landmine at 200mph: complete destruction.

You'll get 25% larger 50mm driver units, 3D positional soundscape effects, directional surround sound, closed-cup ear pads with extra cushioning so your ears don't get all chaffed and beat-up over long play periods.

If you're thinking about picking up a pair of the SteelSeries Pink Siberia V2 headset, you can do so right now, either for a superior sense of gamer fashion or because you want to contribute a little bit of dough to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Right now, as of the publishing of this article, SteelSeries is sitting at $25 out of $10,000, so they have a ways to go. The headset is going right now for $89.99, so make sure you have enough dough on hand if you plan on picking up a pair.

You can learn more by visiting the Official SteelSeries Website.

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