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A new trailer has revealed another new addition to the Street Fighter V roster: M. Bison. The long time villain of the series is making a return to form, complete with his Psycho abilities and cheap attacks that we all love to hate. You can get a glimpse of Bison in action with the trailer below, courtesy of IGN.

Bison looks really good in that introduction trailer above. Then again, Capcom has done a fantastic job of reintroducing each character in the most dynamic way possible. Charlie's stitched together look and his very aggressive and unforgiving attitude combined with that awesome fighting style instantly made him look like a top-tier character right out of the gate. It's not easy to raise a character's stock that quickly, especially in the fighting game scene, just with a single trailer alone. In fact, with only a minute's worth of footage people were already calling Charlie “OP”. That's a testament to the marketing team's prowess for picking out the right moments to showcase the character and a testament to the design team for making the character look so beastly with every move he makes.

Bison nearly fits into the same category as Charlie. He has some really devastating moves and abilities and executes them with the kind of flair rarely seen in a fighting game like this. The other thing worth noting is that we really get a good scope of how dangerous Bison is moving at that speed and teleporting around so quickly. In previous Street Fighter games there was also this measure of slowness that prevented the fights from being as fast or as dynamic as they appeared in the animated movies.

With Street Fighter V we see just how quickly a fighter can dominate thanks to the locked 60fps and the game simulation time moving lock, step and sync with the frame-rate. It's a very important feature because it helps elevate Street Fighter up to the kind of back-and-forth, speedy gameplay present in titles like Mortal Kombat X or Killer Instinct on the Xbox One.

Even funnier yet is that 3D fighting games are starting to capture the sort of break-neck speed that SNK had already maintained way back in the day with their King of Fighter games, where combos, counters and super-cancels were the tall orders of the day.

Street Fighter V is also stepping things up when it comes to interactive stages. Instead of just having some moving parts in the background, Capcom is now combining the ability to pull off massive damage inducing combos with some sort of reactive elements within the stages themselves. In fact, we briefly see this with Charlie getting slammed against the wall or in previous videos where Ryu and Chun-Li battled in a noodle shop and she went blasting through one of the walls and ended up with a noodle bowl on her head.

The smooth gameplay, exceptional frame-rate and amazingly detailed animations will go a long way in making Street Fighter V one of the must-have fighting games when it finally comes out.
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