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Capcom sent out a short gameplay trailer that shows off a Brazil stage for Street Fighter 5. In the process, they also confirmed that another long-time series veteran will be returning for the game.

Brazil has been used throughout the Street Fighter series. Previous stages in Brazil weren't very memorable, though. For example, Street Fighter 4 had players fight on a jungle bridge while Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike's Brazil stage was set near a loading dock. The stages look like they could have taken place in countless countries throughout the world.

Street Fighter 5's fighting arena for Brazil is way more iconic. The two combatants will face off on a street in Rio de Janeiro. You can see miles of colorful homes stretching out on the hill behind the fight. It's a gorgeous location that puts new-gen hardware to work.

The only criticism I have is that Capcom,for whatever reason, didn't include the Christ the Redeemer statue traditionally at the top of the Corcovado mountain. For some reason, they decided to replace it with a giant gold structure that looks like a World Cup statue or water tower. I assume Capcom didn't want religious overtones in their game but they could've replaced the statue with something more interesting.

If Brazil in Street Fighter 5, most players would reason, then Blanka is probably in there too. While Blanka didn't appear in the trailer, Yoshinori Ono made it clear that the green monster will be returning:

Blanka confirmed for Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5's exclusive PS4 beta will kick off on July 23rd and run for five days. Players will be able to try out six characters from the full game during the test. PC gamers will get their own beta this fall. For both platforms, you can guarantee yourself a spot in the beta by pre-ordering the game.

SF5 will officially launch on PS4 and PC in Spring 2016.

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