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Tons of new information have been revealed for Street Fighter V at this year's Comic Con in San Diego. In an interview with the brand manager for eSports at Capcom, some new details were revealed about the character costumes, skills and the upcoming beta.

Event Hubs caught wind of an interview that IGN's Max Scoville landed with Matt Dahlgren, the marketing director and eSports brand manager for Capcom. You can check out the interview below.

One of the important nuggets that came out of the interview was that classic looks will return in Street Fighter V for some of the characters who have been given more distinct visual overhauls... such as Ken.

As some of you may see in the video above, in Street Fighter V Ken has all new flowing “brony-tail” locks and a vertical ponytail that some people haven't quite taken too kindly to. Others feel as if the character has lost his Caucasian edge and that he looks “too Asian”. Scoville notes that the new look is a good look for Ken to have an under-armor shirt and go for a new hair-style because canonically it seems like his stylist would suggest it to him, while Scoville jokes that “Ryu would be out in the woods punching trees or something”.

Well, for those of you who prefer Ken's old look, Capcom will be including various classic costumes for some of the characters – not including Ryu and Chun-Li, both of whom are still rocking the iconic digs from way back in the 1990s.

Dahlgren, when asked if classic costumes and alternate costumes would be available, he exclaimed...
Of course! I mean, if you look at what happened with Street Fighter 4, there's tons of variety in terms of costumes, [...] We'll definitely be doing that in the long run.

I imagine he means to say that there will be plenty of costume DLC packs containing the characters' classic looks, similar to how NetherRealm is handling content and costumes for Mortal Kombat X.

The video also covers a few other neat details about Street Fighter V, including Ken's new moves, skills and techniques. For instance, a lot of people were excited about Ken's dash cancel, but it turns out that the V-Skill lets Ken rush down opponents with a running dash that he can cancel into a super move, while his V-Trigger adds flame properties to all his moves. It's kind of a speed versus power trade-off between the V-Skill and the V-Trigger.

While Street Fighter V isn't due for release until 2016, in the immediate future Capcom does have plans to roll out a beta for PC and PS4 owners. The beta contains six playable characters and those who pre-order from GameStop and other participating retailers will have instant access to the beta. You can also look for Street Fighter V kiosks at participating Six Flags parks, as the kiosks will be available for the general public up until the end of this year.

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