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We already knew that there would be a Street Fighter 5 beta. We didn't know until now, though, that the initial test will be exclusive to PS4.

The PS4 beta will kick off on July 23rd. In North America, PS4 owners who pre-order Street Fighter 5 through retailers or PSN will be granted automatic access. The test will then conclude on the 28th.

The announcement on PlayStation.Blog merely notes that the first beta will be a PS4 exclusive. There will be other tests throughout the year so PC gamers can get their chance to try out the game.

"PC users can get access to the online beta by pre-ordering Street Fighter V on Steam," says the official SF5 website. "The first PC Beta phase will begin this fall."

During E3 2015, Capcom also showed off new trailer from Street Fighter 5. This gameplay video confirmed two more fighters for the roster. Like the other characters confirmed thus far, the two additions are returning from previous games. The first is the lightning-fast Cammy, who should be very familiar to series veterans. Here's a brief description of two of their special moves:
  • V-Skill : Axel Spin Knuckle - Cammy performs a short hop that evades projectiles and delivers a gut punch to her foe. If used close enough, she will cross over to the other side of the opponent before delivering her attack.
  • V-Trigger: Delta Drive - When activated, the speed and number of hits Cammy’s special attacks deal increases dramatically for a short period of time, further increasing her ability to pressure and damage opponents.
Both V-Skills and V-Triggers are part of the overhauled battle system in Street Fighter 5. V-Skills are abilities that can be activated at any time by hitting medium punch and medium kick at the same time. V-Triggers can be used by pushing heavy kick and heavy punch simultaneously. Your V-Gauge has to be filled, primarily by taking damage, in order to use V-Triggers though.

The other character confirmed for the roster today was Birdie. This portly henchman can be dangerous both at long and close range. Here's a run-down on his V-Trigger and V-Skill:
  • V-Skill : Break Time (3 Variations) - Depending on the direction you push when activating the V-Skill, Birdie pulls out one of three different items from his pockets: a banana peel that trips up opponents on the ground, an energy drink that is rolled as a projectile — both of which give him a minor V-Gauge boost — and lastly, a donut that is quickly eaten and gives him a major V-Gauge boost!
  • V-Trigger: Enjoy Time - Birdie’s V-Trigger enrages him and powers up his special attacks by increasing their movement for a short period of time, while also adding armor and damage, making him that much harder to stop!
Street Fighter 5 will debut in Spring 2016 on PS4 and PC.

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