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Street Fighter V is currently in training for its debut on the PlayStation 4 and PC, but Capcom is taking this opportunity to familiarize future brawlers with a handful of the games upcoming tweaks and changes. Prepare your peepers for a brand new trailer focusing on the battle system.

For Street Fighter fans who like to see a bit of an evolution occur between each iteration of the game, I’m guessing this new Variable System looks like a breath of fresh-air for the storied franchise.

As Capcom Community Manager Peter Rosas explains on the PlayStation Blog, it should help keep Street Fighter V familiar and fresh at the same time.

“The V-System consists of three variable mechanics, all built around the new V-Gauge, which primarily builds as your character takes damage,” Rosas explained. “The three mechanics are V-Skill, V-Trigger and V-Reversal.”

Thankfully, the system isn’t nearly as complicated as it may sound at first. V-Skills are simply new abilities that can be activated at any time by hitting medium punch and medium kick at the same time. V-Triggers, though, can only be activated once that V-Gauge Rosas was talking about has filled up, and they’re activated by hitting heavy punch and heavy kick at the same time. Finally, there are V-Reversals, which use up a portion of that V-Gauge and allow you to get out of sticky situations by breaking up an attack.

The system is actually pretty noob friendly, too. Even if a button masher can’t figure out inputs for special moves, these V abilities allow you to pull off some pretty flashy tricks by pushing a couple of buttons at the appropriate time. As for more skilled players, they’ll likely add a whole new layer of strategy to an already deep fighting system.

For those die-hard Street Fighter fans in the audience, following that original link to the PS Blog post will give you a pretty detailed rundown of how these abilities work for four of the upcoming game’s fighters, including Ryu, Chun-Li, Nash and M. Bison.

Also receiving a few more details today was Street Fighter V’s EX Gauge. While the V-Gauge builds power as you take damage, the EX Gauge fills up as a reward for going on the offensive and dishing out damage. In short, this gauge lets you pull off more powerful versions of your special attacks and, if you get it fully charged, you can trigger your character’s Critical Arts. Think of those last ones as over-the-top, super flashy moves that deal a lot of damage and look great with minimal button input.
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