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Capcom showed off Street Fighter 5 at the IgoMir event in Russia today and you can probably guess what character they revealed. Zangief, the Russian pro wrestler, will be part of the game's initial roster.

Zangief, confirmed on PlayStation.Blog, is all about brute force. His raw strength, honed by wrestling bears, allows him to inflict heavy damage to any opponent dumb enough to get close to him. He loves to grab his enemies and then slam them into the ground or break them over his knee.

His V-Skill, Iron Muscle, makes getting into close range easier. When players hold down medium punch and kick, he turns red and approaches his opponent. While walking, he can absorb one attack and recover the health. When the player releases the buttons, Zangief will flex and hit the opponent if they're in range.

Once Zangief's V-Gauge is filled, he can perform the Cyclone Lariat. He'll begin spinning at great speed and draw in his opponent. The player can hold the V-Trigger buttons to keep spinning and pummeling his foe with a tornado of fists. Alternately, he can release the buttons and then proceed into a different combo.

Zangief is one of 13 playable characters announced for Street Fighter 5 thus far. He's joined on the roster by other series regulars like Ken, Ryu and M. Bison. Lesser-known veterans like Karin and Rainbow Mika are also part of the game's launch lineup. Two new additions, Rashid and Necalli, have been announced to date as well.

There are only three more characters for Capcom to reveal for the game's initial lineup. Two of them will be brand-new characters so there's only one more veteran reveal to go. My guess is that this last returning character is Blanka, who Capcom strongly hinted at in the past. There are plenty of other series regulars that deserve a spot in the game, though. I doubt anyone would complain if Dhalsim or E. Honda ended up in the final roster slot.

Street Fighter 5 will debut on PS4 and PC in early 2016. In the months after its launch, Capcom will release new characters and other content for the game.

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