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Capcom has released a new three minute trailer detailing all the different game modes that will be available in Street Fighter V on day one when it launches on PC and PS4 on February 16th. The game will feature Tutorial, Story, Survival, Training and Network modes.

You can check out the trailer that covers each mode via the Street Fighter YouTube account.

As the video details, the Tutorial Mode teaches you how to play while also covering some very basic story elements between Ryu and Ken when they were young and learning how to fight. This hearkens back to the days of Street Fighter: Alpha, where it took place in the old days before Ryu became a world weary fighter and Ken became a movie star.

The Story Mode follows the story for each of the characters on the roster, both new and old. The mode will be a lot more in-depth than previous Street Fighter games where character stories were usually last minute additions that were barely fleshed out and had throwaway endings. Given that Mortal Kombat X really stepped up their game in the story department (though admittedly the story wasn't quite as good as Mortal Kombat 9) Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono has decided to rival NetherRealm with an equally compelling story for the Street Fighter pugilists. The mode isn't just about characterization, though, it allows you to unlock story mode costumes for the characters. The costumes can be unlocked either with the in-game fight money or via the cash shop using real money.

There's also a Survival Mode, offering an endless wave of fighters for players to face off against that get increasingly difficult. The trailer above reveals that there is more to it than just fighting an opponent forever; there are also specific battle conditions in the mode as well. This sounds a little like the survival mode in the older King of Fighters and Soul Calibur games where various conditions were added to the match that players would have to overcome.

The Training Mode is also making a comeback so that players can test out their moves and get the most out of the game's characters. Now the one thing that I thought was fascinating is that what's new in Street Fighter V is the ability to assign training conditions to the DualShock 4's Touchpad. That's right, you can have the AI perform certain actions or even assign specific reset conditions to positions on the Touchpad. That should make training a lot more streamlined than in previous games and limit how often players will have to go into the options menu to reset the conditions of the training session.

Last but not least is the Network Mode, which has been finely tuned for online play for casuals, hardcore tournament players and everyone else in between. You can play in online ranked matches to move up the stats and potentially become the best in the world, or you can settle for playing casually and just for fun.

What's really cool about the Network Mode is that it's possible to play the Story Mode or dip into Training while you wait for matchmaking to find you an opponent. Another feature is the ability to see where you and others rank using the new Capcom Fighter Network, which ranks players, tracks their stats and even allows others to check out replays of these players. It's an all new profile initiative by Capcom that will give the FGC even more options on how they view and interact with other players.

Street Fighter V is set to arrive on PC and PS4 starting February 16th.
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