Capcom has decided to recover from the mind-blowing news from earlier today, which included the announcement of Hello Kitty X Street Fighter, by releasing a smorgasbord of new trailers for gamers to ogle over for Street Fighter X Tekken.

I’m sure some of you are still trying to grab your bearings from the Hello Kitty news, though. It was like dropping the soap in prison…bending down to pick it back up and realizing something’s real wrong with the world by the time you get right side up. Yeah, Capcom did a royal wet-Willy to our minds earlier today but they’ve corrected themselves with a nice cache of new videos for the highly anticipated Street Fighter X Tekken.

The trailers are pretty cool, giving gamers a nice look at a variety of the characters that will be playable, including but not limited to Cody, Guy, Ken, Ryu, Hwaorang, King, Ninja, Kazuya, Poison, Hugo, Yoshimitsu and more. I get the feeling that Baek probably won’t make the cut, but man it would be really snazzy if he did.

You can check out the new trailers for the game below (courtesy of GameTrailers) featuring Hollywood Undead’s “My Town” or head on over to the Official Website to keep up to date on all things Street Fighter X Tekken.

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