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SubSonic, a maker and developer of gaming peripherals and gear, has announced that they will be supporting the PS Vita launch day and date with a new collection of accessories in their iStart line.

Fame CEO, Alison Morrison dropped a quick comment in the press release, saying...
“The iSTART is the perfect kit to accompany the new Sony PlayStation VITA console,”... “Now that the world is in play with this new and highly coveted console, these products are poised to emerge as the ideal complement to this dynamic and revolutionary gaming system.”

So what is the iStart accessory kit? It's basically a starter pack for all things necessary to keep your PS Vita clean, operating smoothly and looking like it just stepped out of the grade-A panache shop. The iStart contains a carrying case, a bubble-free screen protector, a micro-fiber cleaning cloth, a neoprene Vita cover, an audio splitter, headphones and a snazzy little carrying case that holds up to six games.

The new kit for the PS Vita will be available beginning February 22nd and will retail for only $14.95. You can learn more about the new iStart portable gaming line by paying a visit to the Official SubSonic Website.