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The opening cinematic for Sunset Overdrive has gone live, along with a gameplay overview from Rooster Teeth's recent RTX event that took place over this past holiday weekend. The opening cinematic is a two-minute rundown of how the world ended up in the apocalypse, according to the game's lore, and how players had to adopt a bombastic way of surviving in a very bright and dangerous world.

The intro is the standard-fare sort of thing you would expect from a game of this sort, it's nothing terribly special but it does setup nicely the sort of game that Sunset Overdrive is and what kind of hilarious and over-the-top hijinks that are to be expected from the overall experience.

Basically, an energy drink made by a company causes people to turn into mutant zombie-types and it forces players to have to battle through the mutant-zombies. The plot and gameplay actually seem strikingly similar to the completely ridiculous Jo Beom-jin film Aachi and Ssipak.

Nevertheless, once you get a handle on the opening cinematic, Insomniac had a stage presentation at RTX to showcase more of Sunset Overdrive's gameplay and give players more details on how the game is played. You can check out the video below.

The video does a fine job of explaining what's what. Previously we knew that there were playable female avatars in the game, but I didn't know the customization was as detailed as what we get to see in the video above.

What's more is that an explanation of the gameplay is laid out more thoroughly than previous presentations. We learn that staying on the move means staying alive and that the open-world structure supports for various non-linear quests. That definitely could give the game some legs to stand on as far as replayability and longevity is concerned.

In addition to this, we finally get to see just how dangerous the AI in the game can be. Players are constantly in threat of being completely obliterated by relentless foes. It's nice to see that the enemy intelligence is at least designed to give players a run for their money (it's a feature that's been sorely lacking in a lot of games lately).

Finally, we get to see a few more weapons on display as well as an explanation on the style meter and how it can affect various skillsets that players can utilize. It looks pretty good.

The game will support up to eight players in a cooperative mode and is scheduled to launch on the Xbox One starting October 28th. For more info feel free to visit the official website.

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