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Team Meat has released a free DLC pack for their Xbox Live platformer Super Meat Boy. The "Sewers of Dross" pack adds 20 new levels to the game.

"Dross" features a different character, a tarball named Gish. To play the content, you need to have unlocked "the internets" by collecting 20 Bandages in the game. It's the first of many free chapters that will be centered around a new character.

In addition to announcing the release of "Dross," Team Meat revealed their plans for upcoming DLC. They provided this rough schedule for the next few months:
  • 12.??.2010 - Meat Boy (retro chapter based on the best of the meat boy flash prototype.
  • 12.??.2010 - I Meat Boy (we take the best levels in the game remix them and make them harder!)
  • Q1 2011 - CommanderVideo Chapter (character exclusive chapter for commandervideo)
  • Q1 2011 - I wanna be the Kid (20 levels as hard as the kids warp zone, exclusive to the kid)
  • Q1 2011 - Best of user made p1 (20 of the best user submitted pc levels)

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