Buried in the heap of PlayStation 4 launch titles is a little game by the name of Super Motherload. One of the 23 games to arrive side by side with Sony's new home console, this indie gem seems to have flown under many-a radar. But if you're looking for something quite a bit different than everything else on offer, this particular title might be just what you are looking for.

Now that the PS4 has launched and gamers all over the US are enjoying AAA blockbusters like Killzone: Shadow Fall and Need for Speed: Rivals alongside PlayStation Network heavy hitters like Resogun and Contrast, not to mention those free-to-play options, Super Motherload has managed to remain a mystery to many gamers. It's a smaller, simpler offering, full of retro graphics and a soundtrack sporting plenty of beeps and boops.

In Super Motherload, you aren't taking control of one of the best sports teams on the planet or blasting enemy soldiers from a first-person perspective. Instead, you're piloting a cute little drill-dozer from a 2D, grid-based perspective.

Sony decided to fill everyone in on what Super Motherload has to offer over on the PlayStation Blog recently and, according to Xgen Studios CEO and Founder Skye Boyes, it's a next-gen title you might want to take the time to consider.

“What we don't push in polygons, we hope to make up in truly social gameplay experiences that keep drawing you back,” he said. “For the next puzzle, the next Special Upgrade and, of course, your next grudge-match against pals.”

It's a game better seen than described, so check out the videos above and below in order to get a better understanding of the type of cooperative and competitive gameplay Super Motherload has to offer. And if you've got 15 bucks to spare and are looking for a next gen game that offers something completely different from the rest of the pack, then you can grab it now off of PSN.

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