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Despite rumors that Microsoft would begin to delist the weaker offerings in its Xbox Live Arcade catalogue, they won't be embarking on any purge just yet. That's right, Soap Carving Enthusiast 3D - you live to see another day!

Microsoft VP John Schappert told IGN at Tokyo Game Show that "XBLA delisting had been taken out of context and that there was no plan to do any such thing." They were just speakin' all hypothetical-like, ya hear?

Schappert said they may consider removing weaker titles if the amount of XBLA titles becomes "cumbersome" but he added that the Xbox Live Dashboard overhaul would stave off this problem by adding new sort options to make browsing through the XBLA library easier. See, he even worked in a plug for the new Dashboard there. Tricksy Schappert.

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